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Win free users for 6 months on

The principle of photogrammetry is quite simple in theory ...

What is photogrammetry?

This is a technique that makes it possible to identify and analyze the dimensions, volumes and structure of 2D and 3D objects from measures taken in photographs. At the end of these measures and these analyzes, it is possible to determine the perspective of the objects photographed.

This technique can be applied from the ground or from the air, which is called aerial photogrammetry. It is increasingly used to capture information from a more or less large and complex environment. Air photogrammetry makes it possible to identify the relief and the structure of a more or less extensive area over a long distance by taking photos from several viewing angles in order to be able to analyze and build a representation of the space in the most reliable and true. It is an interesting reality of reality for 3D modeling of building information (BIM), 3D points and models that can be obtained at the result of 3D statements by photogrammetry. It is a technology conducive to the use of the scan to bim.

How is it possible to build a 3D model from photos?

When using photogrammetry, the acquisition of 3D data from an environment is done thanks to a simple photo sensor like those found on our smartphones, cameras or drones. It works like vision in humans and animal species. Our eyes achieve a focus on zone or a specific object to identify the perspectives that surround us, colors and 3D shapes. The vision also grants the ability to analyze a scene and anticipate an event quite precisely. This works in the same way for identifying information and data thanks to photography.

The construction of a 3D model by correlation of images consists in recognizing homologous pixels on a determined and known surface . Image analysis makes it possible to associate any point with a first image to a homologous point of a second image. The computer performs a stereoscopic reading of the scene and defines the relative position of each point. This process reproduced on multiple times makes it possible to make the calculation of the position of the pixels reliable and to create the 3D model.

are the projects from photogrammetry exploitable and analyzable on is a SaaS collaborative web platform allowing the processing and visualization of heavy points and 3D data clouds. This intelligent web application centralizes and secures 3D data where the stakeholders of a project can connect and collaborate. provides users with advanced tools to exploit the clouds of points And share information without using your PC performance or duplicate data on a hard drive. The web application is completely designed to accommodate data from all scans (terrestrial, mobile, drones).

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