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Atis.Cloud is compatible with Matterport and Riegl scanners actuality

Atis.Cloud is compatible with Matterport and Riegl scanners

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Atis.Cloud is compatible with Matterport and Riegl scanners

The mission of ATIS.Cloud is to democratize the use of points clouds. In order to achieve its objective, the platform develops its interoperability. Indeed, whether CAD software or scanner, the ATIS team.Cloud work every day to be compatible with the tools, that you, professionals in the world of reality capture use. is pleased to inform you that you can now host, visualize and use your points from your Matterport and/or Riegl scanners on Atis.Cloud. Reality Capture professionals, tend to combine the use of several technologies in order to obtain a cloud of points with different conditions. & nbsp; however, few software agree to receive data Coming from different scanners. & nbsp;, you no longer need to use multiple platforms, or buy a multitude of software to exploit your point clouds. & nbsp; you can centralize them on ATIS.Cloud , Regardless of the type of point cloud used, the platform is compatible. & nbsp;

Centralize your data

Point clouds are heavy files, which makes them difficult to share. & nbsp; It is all the more difficult to share them since recipients do not always have the right equipment to read the data. & nbsp; on Atis.Cloud, all this is simplified, regardless of the format of your point cloud (.e57, .rcp, .rcs, .laz, .laz ...) You can import them to the platform. On ATIS.Cloud, you can easily import several limits of unlimited data. & Nbsp;

Facilitate the exploitation of the captured data does not only allow the accommodation of the points of points from your Matterport and/or Riegl scanners, but also to exploit them. & nbsp; the measurement, the visualization of 360 ° image, the comparison between two points or model clouds, all these tools in order to enhance your points clouds. & nbsp; concerning Matterport, you have the possibility of recovering 360 ° images from scans to illustrate your documents from meetings. & nbsp; for riegl, you can go from 360 ° view in 360 ° view (click here to find out more).

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