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Faro acquires Geoslam, the leader in mobile digitization actuality

Faro acquires Geoslam, the leader in mobile digitization

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Faro acquires Geoslam, the leader in mobile digitization

Faro offers himself Geoslam and now has a wide range of reality capture solution.

£ 22 million is the sum that Faro had to spend to offer Geoslam. In September 2022, Faro announced the acquisition of Geoslam, a supplier of mobile digitization solutions with owner software of simultaneous location and cartography (Slam). The slam is to map an area while keeping the location of the sensor in this area. It allows you to map large areas in a much shorter time than laser scanning on tripod, even if the precision is not as high.

Geoslam's acquisition should accelerate the growth opportunity of the American company market in mobile scanning. It also allows Faro to expand its range of reality capture solutions.

"We are delighted to add the Geoslam portable 3D digitization technology to our portfolio of advanced data capture solutions" , says Michael Burger, president and CEO of Faro. "Faro now offers the widest range of 4D data capture solutions in the sector, including 3,600 images based on cameras, mobile scanning and high -precision stationary laser scanning, allowing customers to balance the need for precision , speed and details according to their requirements. [...] We welcome the team of Geoslam in the Faro family ".
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Faro competes Leica, who launched his scanner slam, the BLK2GO, then the BLK ARC in 2020 and 2021. The market and in full expansion, there are now many solutions for the capture of reality , such as the Viametris BMS3D, Navvis VLX etc. However, few applications allow you to easily visualize and share your point clouds.

on & Nbsp; can import your clouds points, regardless of the original scanner. Discover our projects Capture using mobile solution: & nbsp;

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