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Improve the management of its industrial installations thanks to points clouds and Reality Capture actuality

Improve the management of its industrial installations thanks to points clouds and Reality Capture

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Improve the management of its industrial installations thanks to points clouds and Reality Capture

Industrial maintenance and installation management require visibility. Ancient installations, in particular, have trouble centralizing information.

Documentation on machines, piping, electrical equipment and past renovations is often stored on dislocated pieces of paper. Sometimes this information is only stored in the memory of some experienced employees. This can be very problematic for planning and maintenance, in particular for new management.

point clouds, 3D models and reality capture are simple ways to capture, store and visualize Detailed information on the space in question. They are proactively used in construction projects, renovations and high -end manufacturing. Recently, this technology was used wisely for the management of installations and continuous maintenance of existing spaces.

The laser scans allow the capture and storage of details

Realization of a 3D laser laser campaign allows you to resume management on good bases. You can get a detailed view of what you already have and form the base of a 3D model "such as built". This allows managers of older installations to create the digital conveniences offered to modern installation managers who access BIM (Building Information Modeling). during renovations. The information can be added directly to the models, often using the same software necessary to view it. If the machines are replaced, the areas can be isolated, reanalyzed and updated in the central database.  

3D models are easy to use, intuitive and provide an excellent platform for storage and the visualization of detailed information on the machines. Model numbers, installation data, current operational costs, information on maintenance and maintenance cycles can all be included and displayed in a flexible manner. 3D modeling offers installation managers an ideal point of view from which they can view their responsibilities as a whole and make a zoom before to obtain specific details.

3D models help the teams of Repair

The accessibility of information provided by 3D models improves long -term management and helps in the event of a crisis. Managers can view their installation in 3D models and filter the information presented to reflect certain categories of machines or infrastructure. If there is an electrical defect, for example, a manager can only examine electrical capacities in this field and use this model to direct the repair teams. Obstacles or dangers, such as water pipes, can be identified and relayed to teams on the ground so that everyone has a prior knowledge of what they set foot.

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3D data fuel advanced predictive maintenance technologies

The possession of a 3D installation model allows the centralized storage of maintenance information. This facilitates the work of full capacity machines. However, this level of visibility can be associated with other technologies to allow predictive maintenance thanks to the analysis of aerial sound, thermal video analysis or X -ray cameras.  

Thermal analyzes And radiologicals are often actively undertaken. 3D models provide the information necessary to direct these actions, in the same way that this information can inform the repair teams or traditional maintenance operations. Acoustic state monitoring name, is a passive technology that assesses the health of machines by constantly monitoring the sounds they produce. Programs can detect tiny frequency variations caused by screw loosening or deterioration of gears - allowing managers to be alerted before problems arise.

This approach has the potential to change fundamentally The way industrial maintenance is undertaken. Deleting the need to actively monitor the machines makes it possible to extend maintenance cycles as long as possible at the lowest cost, while avoiding stops. The buffer periods are no longer necessary to avoid a defect and the machines can operate at full capacity longer, which allows factories to make the most of their investments.

However, the ability to apply This type of technology requires a numerical scheme of what you have. Sound analysis programs should know what they listen to. Managers also need support on which defect information can be relayed. The coupling of these two technologies makes it possible to deliver predictive maintenance analysis data in the smallest detail, allowing teams to take immediate and repairing measures.


Point clouds and Reality Capture Visibility and clarity offer to installation managers and allows them to carry out their effectively predictive maintenance

Point clouds and Reality Capture are powerful tools to identify any information necessary for the management of installations. However, this set of information can be heavy and difficult to exploit if the computer prerequisites are not there. Thus, the rapid acquisition of 3D data thanks to the PX-80 mobile laser scanner must be borne by efficient cloud solutions intended for analysis and Online points of points and digital models. allows. This is called at Cydis, the hyper accessibility of the 3D data of your installations. This is possible thanks to the acquisition and the rapid generation of a point cloud but also thanks to its provision for analysis, exploitation and sharing just as fast on

This workflow will allow you to operate the point cloud of an installation of 5000 m² in 3 hours, acquisition, treatment and provision included.

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