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The future of visualization of points clouds actuality

The future of visualization of points clouds

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The future of visualization of points clouds

Virtual reality (VR) has become precious for the fields of digital entertainment, manufacturing, construction and collaborative workspaces. Virtual applications share something in common: all work with 3D modeling and their levels of detail and value are improved by the use of points clouds.

Why is the VR important for points clouds (and vice versa)

In the end, the VR is a way to view 3D models based on cloud clouds 3D (not gross points clouds - a distinction to note - the point clouds are a virtual representation of the environment and the model is a more or less precise 3D drawing based on this point cloud). Some companies offer software allowing visualize cloud clouds , like Veesus, and Faro Scene, for Name only a few.

An image is equivalent to a thousand words. Concepts become understandable, significant and memorable by using images. Virtual reality can provide a context, illustrate principles, focus on connections and reduce ambiguity. People learn and understand more deeply from immersive 3D representations than with words.

one of the key aspects of virtual reality is to transmit a feeling of realism. Virtual reality is to transport the user to a credible simulated reality. The creation of 3D models with the highest realism standards is therefore of vital importance. The use of technologies such as the mobile laser PX-80 scanner and the allow you to create such dense and detailed simulations as possible.

What are the opportunities for the VR?

VR commercial applications are developing quickly: cinema on television, education games, construction electronic commerce, medicine trips, etc. Let us see some of the areas in which it has an impact.


One of the emerging applications for virtual reality is training. VR technology can easily be used to simulate an environment such as a site. Without leaving the training center, students can safely "visit" a range of sites and scenarios to learn the security procedures and protocols. It is also an interesting way to reuse 3D BIM models (Building Information Modeling) to provide examples of different types of sites at different stages of realization.

according to the IDC research company, “The interest in virtual reality within the company continues to grow as more and more companies use technology to control a wide range of training scenarios. Let us note a notable increase in the interest in using the VR for the training of non -technical skills provided by managers of activity sectors. "Employees are now trained to do everything, from customer service to the management of a major incident in the workplace, and virtual reality makes things easier. Walmart, for example, distributed 17,000 VR headsets that allow employees to access more than 50 learning modules. The program includes nearly 4,600 Walmart stores in the United States and more than a million employees.

customer demonstrations

Using virtual reality, customers can attend Unique experiences on their future products even before they are finished. While virtual worlds become more widespread, they will have an obvious place in marketing, events and exhibitions. Rather than a simple stand, visitors could put a VR helmet and explore the twentieth floor of a still unfinished skyscraper or visit the renovation of an ancient monument.

realistic "digital twins" For all types of real estate can be created allowing customers to explore and assess properties with ease. Virtual experience can rationalize the decision -making process for potential tenants, buyers or investors. It can even make different furniture and accessories in situ to allow customers to "browse" the simulation to have an idea of ​​the layout and quickly identify potential problems.


l 'One of the applications of virtual reality that has quietly gained ground is therapy. A variety of situations that a therapist would find it difficult to recreate can be explored using the VR. People with SSPT as veterans can explore traumatic environments from a safe place. Some phobias can also be treated: therapy by immersion for arachnophobia would have previously required a collection of spiders, the fear of speaking in public would require a crowd, claustrophobia would need a small real space, etc. >

The importance of detailed and realistic analyzes of the premises to make virtual reality as real as possible cannot be underestimated in such cases-and which would have known that therapy will represent a potential market for surveyors And their 3D digitization skills?


Virtual reality has completely transformed our way of designing and manufacturing products. Automobile engineering is a good example. Jaguar Land Rover, for example, generates a 3D model of each part of a car so that they can visualize, and even look inside the vehicle to see how it gets fit. These models also allow the company to simulate the performance of components, systems and the entire vehicle.

Virtual reality even helps the design of the factories used to assemble vehicles. It simulates the vehicle passing through all the stages of the manufacturing process to optimize tools, installations and processes. This guarantees that each vehicle can be manufactured as planned by engineering.

crime scenes

For several years, law enforcement and judicial experts have been investigating the scenes crime with 3D laser scanners. The resulting point cloud captures an incredible amount of details. But the visualization of a 3D model on the screen does not really reflect what you feel on the scene. Now that the data is converted in VR form, it can be used by law enforcement and law professionals without any advanced training. Investigators can now "browse" crime scenes, examine the relationship between objects and even explore possible shooting angles.

Virtual visits

Virtual reality also opens up opportunities For virtual tourism in the form of visits to popular tourist destinations. This is ideal for those who want to travel and explore certain places but who cannot - for example, the disabled cannot access certain historical buildings. The VR gives them the possibility of virtually visiting these monuments.  

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The advantages of VR

There is a direct link between visual stimulation and understanding. VR helps better communication with customers and improves remote collaboration between specialists. It improves fields such as user experience, design and maintenance.

  • Experience of the end user - the personal experiences of a given environment can be adapted to the individual in Creating and treating digital models, allowing immersive visualization of constructed environments.
  • Design and development - virtual reality can accelerate the execution of manual process and improve precision. It also makes it possible to collaborate effectively on a project.
  • Maintenance of facilities and equipment - especially in specialized or critical environments, virtual reality can radically reduce the time necessary to safely maintain equipment and The installations.
  • Completed collaborative work - virtual reality improves collaboration by allowing teams to interact together with data and their environments, which makes work flows more effective. It also allows remote collaboration because the information can be shared.

make virtual reality a reality

so that the VR is really useful, you must start by a good cloud of points. 3D laser scanners such as the PX-80 can pass the VR to the upper level.

The expansion of the scope of the VR will require new ways of thinking. Individuals will have to be able to see, touch, feel and interact. A virtual meeting place, a manufacturing plant or even an external environment will require skills and a vision to create a committing VR world. Once done, this will undoubtedly create the potential to unlock new possibilities and new interactions.

It will be a challenge to produce quality digital twins intended for VR cinema. To do this, you will need technological leaders in various fields - and 3D statement skills will be at the top of the list. The VR is the ideal way to view the points of points, and the points of points will in turn be the basis of new fascinating uses of VR.

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