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Facilitate the reception of your point clouds on
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Facilitate the reception of your point clouds on

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Facilitate the reception of your point clouds on

The team of does not cease innovating in order to create functionalities and a platform which allows the professionals of Reality Capture to be always more powerful. Recently, has developed a new functionality in order to facilitate the file deposit.

Files that meet the specifications

From, you can now create "Delivery notes".

As you know, receiving 3D data such as point clouds can become a real constraint to validate deliverables. 

What does it involve?

On the platform, you can define a number of criteria that the uploaded files must meet, such as :

  • the planimetric extent
  • the structuring or not of the file
  • the presence of several dimensions such as intensity, classification, RGB ...

This way, no bad surprise, the files submitted respect the criteria defined, otherwise they are not validated. You can create different BLE according to your projects. The BLE allows you to lighten your workflow, thanks to the automatic verification of your files.

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Simplify the reception of your data

Exchanges between you and your scanning provider are facilitated. The deposit is done directly on the platform accessible online. The provider deposits the clouds of points requested according to the specifications. Then, you have the right to validate or not the deposit of the files.

For the project manager, this allows him to receive the files more efficiently. This is especially true since there can be many providers and therefore scatterplots. You no longer need to manage the reception of thousands of GB files, you only need to send the link for the deposit. All files are received in the same places, from the tab, you can validate or not. 

Respect your QA/QC procedures

Beyond, to simplify the reception, you can be reassured as for the respect of your quality charter. analyzes the deposited files, if these last ones do not respect the defined criteria, you receive then a document listing the not answered criteria. In this way, the process of quality control is accelerated, to make you gain in effectiveness. This pre-analysis facilitates and directs the work of your teams so that they can concentrate on the particular points of vigilance. 

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