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The positive impact of laser scanners and cloud solutions in the construction areas actuality

The positive impact of laser scanners and cloud solutions in the construction areas

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The positive impact of laser scanners and cloud solutions in the construction areas

Construction is digital. Migration to BIM (Building Information Modeling) being an essential element of planning, the value of 3D models for planning and execution cannot be underestimated.

If you want to build these models using real data and compare outings to planning, you must understand laser scanners, points clouds and 3D reality capture technology.  

What we want to explain here is the value of the laser survey technology for construction. However, to do this, we have to immerse ourselves in the evolution of best practices and open the door to new Lidar processing applications and points cloud. By adopting laser scanners and Cloud point solutions, you will modernize your workflows and you will ensure higher efficiency on all your projects.  

Why use laser scanners?

Laser survey technology has been present on the market since the 1990s, and the construction field was one of the first to adopt it . However, the use of laser scanners was limited due to the cost of commissioning a digitization and modeling. accessibility. The hardware, software and deliverables have all advanced, increasing their usefulness and decreasing the cost. The scanners improvements allowed third parties to create 3D digitization software independent of hardware and to experiment with more effective working methods.

Why are laser scanners also used?

The value of laser digitization data for project planning is mainly summed up in the capture of information. Laser scanners can be used to create specific models from the start, which reduces the need to rework the plans. The high level of precision reduces general costs, prevents delays and allows more flexible planning and communication.

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The usefulness of laser scanners for modeling   When it comes to modeling, the scanner Allows you to understand the space around the site. Using digitization data, you can model your buildings in the exact context of their environment, particularly useful when you consider construction sites impacted by:  

  • Dangerous locations: Geography or distant, high -movement weather, dangerous
  • sites surrounded by a historic building
  • Rénovations

The laser statement also helps prevent Errors. Technologies such as laser scanners allow you to capture site data on a larger scale. These data can avoid errors and save you time and money on your projects.

a point cloud generated by the laser statement can identify the differences in measuring between the site and which is indicated on the design levels. These measurement differences can help prevent a possible disaster.

An evolutionary use of laser scanners based on costs reduction is the dynamic deployment of scans to assess the project stages. The term "scan to bim" is used for all scanning applications that make it possible to model BIM digital models.

This type of overlap allows teams to immediately detect errors. It also facilitates the use of modern manufacturing techniques such as the use of 3D printing to prefabricate off -site materials for transport and quick assembly.

The use of the laser statement in the Error prevention is one of the most important advantages of this technology. The digitization itself provides additional protection to a plethora of planning process and also guarantees that the project will be completed in time.

Flexibilize your workflows thanks to the laser scanners

The scanners Laser and modeling technology can considerably reduce the need for a site visit, in particular thanks to the integration of this data into

All people with access to the cloud will be able to access Remote to 3D data from the site in real time in order to collaborate effectively. They can also make dimensions and make precise adjustments in their 3D models.

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Call on specialists when using your laser scanners  one of the most important points to note is the Importance of the use of laser scanners by a surveyor. Laser statement technology is a technological element that requires specialized knowledge to function properly. The capture of reality, then the consultation of the point clouds for modeling requires dedicated hardware and software.  

to properly use this equipment and take advantage of it for your projects, it must be manipulated by a surveyor. To adopt laser scanners in your workflows, you must either hire a dedicated surveyor to operate within your team, or a contract with a 3D laser statement service provider.

Construction project, you want to find a synergy. Incorporating the right technology, associated with the right software is the key for this. The right tools for work will be essential in time management, costs and risks at all stages of the project. Look for avant-garde survey teams that use modern recording software and integrate directly into BIM.

basically, by establishing good technological mixtures, efficiency gains can be created and Improvements can be made. The value of laser scanners lies mainly in a better understanding and capture of data on your projects. For scanners, we recommend the PX-80 Mobile Laser scanner from Paracosm.

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