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Is the cloud a reliable / secure tool for surveyors? actuality

Is the cloud a reliable / secure tool for surveyors?

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Is the cloud a reliable / secure tool for surveyors?

With cloud technologies, it is no longer a question of being able to store and access the scanned data, it is a question of changing the way companies work. The Cloud is not only a safe and reliable tool for surveyors.

This is a force of change in industry. Great surveyors must understand the radical change induced by Cloud technology and rethink their workflow to take advantage of these new advances.

At the end of 2015, it was estimated that 90% of French companies used at least one cloud service. Whenever you send an email, you use the cloud. Whenever you watch a movie, you use the Cloud. To have a clearer vision of the impact of cloud technology, it is necessary to decompose the two main elements that make up the cloud services: “software as a service” (SaaS) which is software based on a subscription system such as Office 365, Slack or, for surveyors, and “Infrastructure-as-A-Service” (IAAS) which are essentially calculation and storage on demand from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

for surveyors, so far, the specific SaaS solutions have had an impact on communication and collaboration. The IAAS combined with the SaaS radically changes fundamental processes such as Treatment and recording of points cloud . In addition to several other complementary advances, the Cloud makes 3D points much more accessible and effective - offering new possibilities for surveyors in their projects.

In this article, we will see what has changed in the cloud and 3D survey technologies. What happened to create an evolving and stable technological set ready to transform the markets of Reality Capture and Construction/BTP?

The democratization of cloud

The Cloud technology is not new. AWS has existed since 2002 and was officially launched in March 2006 (13 years ago - a year before the first iPhone). Meanwhile, he has evolved to solve key problems that have slowed down the adoption of cloud solutions: problems such as data and conformity of data, slow download speed and confusion of prices and service levels. Fortunately, these problems are solved and the cloud will be dominant IT technology for the years to come.  

it is natural that there are security problems when adopting a cloud solution Computing. After all, when files, programs and other data are not safe, how can you know if they are protected? If you can access your data remotely, what prevents someone else from doing so?

These concerns have been resolved over time and some believe that by putting In light IT security policies, companies have improved. rapidscale , for example, said that 94% of companies have seen an improvement in security after the Cloud, 91% saying that the Cloud facilitated the compliance with government requirements.

The safety key is data encryption. By using encryption, your data is difficult to access for anyone who is not authorized to access it. And with regard to resistance, 20% of cloud users have claimed recovery objectives after loss of four hours or less.

What it means for surveyors: The Cloud is now able to manage the rigors of IT operations while providing processing power and storage which offer unrivaled flexibility and scalability. What is also emerging is a new generation of AI -focused software and automatic learning aimed specifically to take advantage of the capabilities of cloud technology

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Speed ​​and latency - 5G is on the way

The construction sector is one of the activity sector that most needs the development of 5G: on -site surveyors, teams of Construction, architects, government organizations, engineers and end customers - all in different places, all with different roles. However, he still follows the "return to the factory / office" model in other industries. The evolution of 5G, cloud technology and connected objects (IoT) will change all of this.  

5G is the next generation of mobile communication. Data transfer speeds are 10 times faster than 4G. Speeds up to 20 Gbps will be possible with at least 100 Mbps everywhere. But 5G represents much more than a single transfer speed. This innovation will create the multifunction platform in the coming era.

Technologies such as augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) will become commonplace with remote activation provided by 5G network speeds. 5G is the basis of what is called the fourth phase of the industrial revolution and will radically change the way companies, and more particularly the surveyors, work.

what it means for Gloomers: This development means the possibility of making it more on site, such as assembly as well as improving collaboration and communication. The staff in the field and the office at the office will be able to communicate and exchange information faster. When you combine 5G with Cloud Computing, this will allow you to process the large amounts of data generated by Lidar scanners and points clouds in the field (or very close to the field) with data downloaded from the services. Cloud treated in real time.

Cloud solutions are particularly suitable for points clouds

In all technologies, a moment happens when manufacturers' equipment does not depend on its own software. The stabilization of laser scanners technology opened the door to third parties creating their own software, which has enabled rapid advances in terms of capacity. The most important of them is the treatment of online points clouds and their almost instantaneous provision for carrying out analyzes (assistance in plan and 3D modeling, measures and annotations, division, automatic segmentation, etc.) .  

What it means for surveyors: anything can be done much faster. You can access your points clouds faster. You can analyze your point clouds directly online. You can focus on quality and detail rather than the easiest way to manage your IT. This freedom and flexibility can make a significant difference in the overall efficiency of your workflows. 65% of respondents to InformationWeek Information survey said that "the ability to respond quickly to client business demands" was one of the main reasons why they migrated to a cloud solution.

The BIM brings together everything

It is generally accepted that the modeling of building information (BIM) is the future of construction. BIM is not necessarily specific to cloud, but it would be almost impossible to provide the advantages of BIM without cloud services.  

one of the main BIM sales arguments was its ability to facilitate and to improve coordination between the different stakeholders of a project. A BIM -based management and collaboration process based on the cloud would connect a whole project team, providing them with shared access to the latest project data and models, regardless of their time zone or location.

thanks With cloud connectivity, users can access their BIM models, whether in the office or in the field. Stakeholders can coordinate the planning of their pre-construction activities on construction. Cloud services allow the analysis process of BIM projects and facilitate the resolution of any coordination problem that may arise during complex and multidisciplinary projects.

What it means for the Gondoaders:  Greats will benefit from increased collaboration, more fluid delivery and improved security thanks to the integration of all contributors. An additional advantage is the reduction of on -site retouching thanks to better planning and design which will result in better use of time and resources.

Cloud technologies are well part to last and they will change everything

The reason why Cloud Computing has been adopted by many industries is the result of its many advantages. The early adoption of the cloud has given businesses flexibility to adapt almost immediately to changes in their sector and to keep a step ahead. They exploited the capacity to increase or reduce their capacity and their Cloud bandwidth in a very short time.  

such flexibility, when applied to Reality Capture, will give you a competitive advantage certain and will significantly improve your effectiveness. In addition, the adoption of the cloud will protect your business from the vast changes that will occur on the construction market. Cloud technology is not only reliable, but it is also the central platform of the surveyor of the future.

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