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Why use a 3 key point cloud cloud technology? actuality

Why use a 3 key point cloud cloud technology?

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Why use a 3 key point cloud cloud technology?

Point clouds are an information dissemination system. They allow detailed mapping of physical space and flexible access to this information. This can improve decision -making, increase efficiency and allow flexible workflows.

It can even reinvent commercial models. Point clouds allow you to create 3D models and iterative design processes. They make digital handling of the physical space easy and efficient. We will explore 3 key impacts in using point cloud technology in your business.

1. Coordination for project management

It is in project management that the points clouds appeared for the first time. Construction teams and engineers greatly benefit from the ability to digitize an environment, build 3D models, develop "digital twins" of physical space (in particular machines) and engage in the iterative development of Projects.

Architectural design has increased sharply in recent years. Computer -assisted design (CAD) has given way to BIM (Building Information Modeling) because more and more information is included in increasingly sophisticated storage systems. The points of points provide a way to build this design on diagrams based on the real construction of the area. Related statements can be carried out throughout the construction project and compared to planning.

renovation is a domain where the laser statement and the point clouds can offer a large significant added value. The need to interface directly with existing structures means that it is essential to know exactly where you start. Entrepreneurs can carry out all the measures of their site in a single visit and coordinate planning from this point. Communication is improved because the teams spread over several sites can interact with the data, which makes it possible to mobilize fewer people while working more in order to optimize the time spent in the field.

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2. Iterative design and developments

Iterative design is one of the main advantages of computer -assisted design models (CAD). The point clouds put the CADs in contact with reality. The laser statement can be used to model in 2D / 3D but it can also be used to compare the models to the building built.

traditionally, the large-scale architectural projects were at the forefront of the 'Use of points clouds to facilitate design. High -end manufacturing has been quick to follow, using laser scanners to guide production and compare the building built in models. In addition, the growing affordability of this technology has considerably widened the types of projects that can benefit from it. Point clouds now offer advantages to businesses ranging from retail to aerospace.

historically, the use of this technology has been limited by costs. As the market matures, prices drop. This allows more design process to be helped by the advantages of points of points, precise measurements and 3D models of physical space and existing objects.

3. Post-hoc BIM (Building Information Modeling)  

The modeling of building information (BIM) has stormed the world of construction. This is an advanced form of computer -assisted architectural design which includes functional information, design characteristics and collaborative work capacities - often accessible via database storage.  

it There is an important debate on the types of 3D models that deserve the nickname "BIM". However, 3D architectural models, such as traditional architectural conceptions, follow their buildings after construction to facilitate their maintenance. The point clouds allow buildings of buildings and installations to easily model 3D BIM (or update existing BIM models after renovations), thus improving their ability to maintain structures and infrastructure.

This is vital for managers of aging and complex installations. Point clouds allow the centralized storage of maintenance information and can even be associated with other technologies to allow predictive maintenance via an analysis of aerial sound, thermal video analysis or X -ray cameras. This is added to More traditional advantages offered by 3D construction models, such as the possibility of directing maintenance teams and compiling regular reports on the usual costs with the detailed inventory of supply. The number of facilities that can benefit from this technology increases with market development.  

Summary: Point clouds offer substantial advantages

The points clouds allow Storage and manipulation of 3D data  precise. They provide powerful aid to any industry, business or project that depends on taking precise measures. They rationalize workflows, improve communication and ensure significant efficiency. The application limits of this technology are only linked to its profitability.  

As for 3D laser digitization techniques, they evolve day by day. Today, fixed laser scanners are caught up in mobile solutions called Mobile Slam laser scanner. Progress is notable, profitability is proven, these new tools therefore convince more and more companies every day. It is now time for you to test this technology on your projects and take advantage of it! Do not wait any longer and Reserve your workshop to discover the Mobile laser scanner PX-80 on the project of your choice. Its complementarity with the will allow you to scan and access your points clouds in less than 30 minutes.

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