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Visualize your point clouds in VR with
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Visualize your point clouds in VR with

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Visualize your point clouds in VR with

The essence of "digital twins" is to accurately duplicate the site "as built" in order to have an identical representation of the place.

The VR is the concretization of it. With, you can move around in your point cloud and visualize your projects as if you were there. The digital twin in VR allows people to interact with a model and the point cloud, discuss and make changes, which is a real key benefit for companies. It saves time and money, and contributes to a better understanding of the project.

Visualizing your projects in VR offers a number of advantages:

Our platform allows you to visualize the site as if you were there without leaving your office. The communication and the understanding of your teams will be improved thanks to an immersive experience in 3D in your clouds of points. transports a user in an identical simulated reality. Our platform enables you to store a great number of point clouds in order to visualize and work on precise representations of the environments as built.


Through the visualization of your clouds in VR, allows you to better apprehend your renovation works. Especially since you can compare your models and 3D models to detect modeling errors. The advantage of the VR, is to create a common understanding. As a result, collaboration and understanding between your teams is improved. With VR, all the stakeholders of a project can visualize the important elements. ATIS.Cloud allows you to have a complete representation of your projects.


Facilitate the maintenance of facilities and equipment. Especially in complex and hazardous environments. RV reduces the time spent maintaining equipment and facilities safely.

Real estate

Go further than just viewing your real estate on You can now explore apartments, land and other properties as if you were there. Your real estate will be documented in the best possible way.


Point cloud augmented reality can help plan construction work before work begins in the real world. By simulating building or infrastructure construction, crews can identify potential structural and safety issues and test the layout of buildings or transportation corridors. Detailed planning can be done without spending money on materials and without compromising the safety of construction crews. Planning projects with augmented reality also helps teams calculate project costs and timelines. point cloud point cloud point cloud
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A picture is worth a thousand words. There is a direct link between visual stimulation and understanding. It allows for better communication between teams, and with customers. It improves remote collaboration between specialists. VR improves collaboration, teams can interact with data and their environments together, making workflows more efficient. gives you the ability to collaborate remotely, just enter the channel number, share it with your teams and you are done. You can visualize in multi VR your point cloud.

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