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A subscription* = a planted tree actuality

A subscription* = a planted tree

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A subscription* = a planted tree engages with reforestation for climate and biodiversity, for each subscription* subscribed, plants a tree. is committed to preserving the environment, a point-cloud accommodation platform used worldwide, takes Consciousness of the impact of its activity on the environment and decides to commit to the preservation of it by associating with reforestation , a French social enterprise which The aim of restoring ecosystems around the world by planting trees. & nbsp;

Indeed, the growing use of cloud services can have an impact on the environment, especially on energy consumption. However, it is important to note that many cloud computing companies, such as AWS, Microsoft, have taken measures to reduce their impact by using renewable energy sources to supply their data centers, and using cooling technologies more effective.

No items found. also takes measures to reduce its environmental footprint by committing to planting a tree for each Advanced annual subscription. Forests are vital ecosystems for our planet, as the first land carbon wells and housing 80% of biodiversity. They also play an important role in the supply of resources for local communities, subvenient to the needs of 25% of the world's population. This is why reforestation is essential to combat climate change and restore biodiversity.

by associating with reforestation , undertakes to plant trees with various essences to reforest the forests of the planet. customers can request their planting certificate to follow the progress of the reforestation. Today, 21,066,044 trees have already been planted thanks to this initiative  Reporest'Action.  by choosing for your point cloud accommodation needs, you also contribute to preserving the environment. Do not wait any longer and ask for your plantation certificate now . And to follow the progress of the reforestation, do not hesitate to visit the reforestation site. strives to reduce its impact using using More efficient algorithms and by encouraging its employees to adopt sustainable approaches.

* plants a tree for each annual Advanced subscription subscribed and asks via this form

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