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Boost your meetings with

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Boost your meetings with

Collaborative work in companies is becoming more and more important in today's professional world.

Digital technology becomes an ideal tool to work more efficiently, while saving you time and money. Reinforce the communication between your teams and propose more interactive meetings. Thanks to the digital and to the solution, propose to your collaborators intelligent tools to work, manage and share your clouds of points effectively.  

Interactive and efficient meetings

Access the viewer on your interactive digital screens. Thus, you can work and navigate easily in your point clouds thanks to your touch screen with all the participants of the meeting. In this way, you promote cooperation and exchange in your teams. Your presentations and meetings will be more relevant and interactive. opens a new era of collaborative work.

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With, your clouds of points follow you in all the process of your projects, in all the displacements, on any screen: mobile, tablet, computer... Only an Internet connection and your identifiers are necessary. In the office, on site or in the transportation, your projects are available everywhere. During your visits on construction sites, you can, on your tablet or mobile, take measurements, navigate in 360° pictures, add annotations. As a result, you are more efficient, you gain in speed.

  • Our platform is compatible with all operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows, ChromeOS... Gain in speed and performance. Exchange without the fear that your colleagues or customers do not have compatible hardware with your point cloud visualization software. No need to download software or application to visualize and manage your point clouds. is available from your browser.
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