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The use of points clouds to improve the management of your projects actuality

The use of points clouds to improve the management of your projects

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The use of points clouds to improve the management of your projects

Effective project management is based on leadership, communication and knowledge. Project managers must have a clear understanding of the processes and challenges in order to overcome obstacles and achieve the objectives set within limited deadlines.

Ensure that the tasks are performed effectively requires having the ability to communicate with rigorous precision. For projects that require detailed physical measures, 3D imaging and points clouds can help meet these two objectives.

3D modeling based on laser scans and cloud treatment Points allows teams to store and access detailed and immersive information on an environment. Precious information can be easily integrated and accessible. Engineering, construction, renovation and design of facilities are all areas where the return on investment can be extreme. However, the application of this technology is only limited by the imagination of project managers. Advanced in the treatment of points clouds have considerably reduced the cost of generation of points clouds. The procedure has become simple and quick. It is up to individuals to determine the best applications of this technology.

The point clouds allow you to access key information from anywhere   as a entrepreneur , for example, you may have to return to a construction site several times to confirm the measures, take additional notes or simply have new ideas or proposals when visualizing a location. Imagine if all these cross -checks and revisits could be carried out from your office!  

When you scan, you do not simply collect the measures you need. You collect almost all the imaginable measurements in an area and then you can decide how to use them. This considerably reduces the need for people to visit a location. Rather than each specialist takes the measures he needs, a scanning team can take all the following measures and teams can use this information to complete plans and prefabrications.

You can revisit, measure and Interact with a location in rich details everywhere and at any time. High resolution scannings contain enough details so that you can analyze the power points, piping, valves, lights and fittings - from your office. The possibility of accessing this remote information considerably improves your effectiveness on your projects. This decreases costs and improves logistics planning. You are able to optimize the time spent on site. The teams know exactly what to expect before setting foot on the spot, minimizing errors, delays and erroneous hypotheses.

additional analyzes can be carried out throughout the construction process and referenced Successively compared to your model in order to compare planning with the results - thus offering you better control and better visibility on the final result.  3D imagery improves coordination, communication and design

Point clouds can be shared between the teams. Information and tasks can even be integrated into 3D models. New digitization data can be integrated into existing BIM (building information models) or be used to create a new BIM database. This makes it possible to simplify the establishment of commercial proposal and facilitates 3D visualization and collaborative design. On -site teams can contact their colleagues at the office while exchanging on the same data. Finishes sending site photos, 3D models can be shared with the stakeholders of a project.

When point cloud data is used in conjunction with 3D imaging software , the design applications are almost unlimited allowing to test the viability of the conceptions. Designers can create and share experimental plans before investing in building materials. If you are looking to limit visits on site, this data can be coupled with VR (virtual reality) technology. With or without VR extension, 3D modeling improves your trade relations and allow you to delegate tasks to members of your team. These will thus have access to all the information they need to make decisions on a project and optimize the time spent on site.

the use of 3D imaging and points of points for Your projects are irreparably translated into significant savings in time and money. This technology allows you to reduce your workforce workforce while working on larger projects, thus opening up new commercial opportunities. When you work on dangerous or inaccessible environments, points clouds improve safety for your teams and widen communication.

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Point clouds avoid errors

For a renovation project, you have to spend time assessing existing architectural data. In some cases, such as renovations of modern buildings with updated BIM data, this can be easy and precise. For older buildings, entrepreneurs may be forced to redraw models based on old and potentially erroneous information.

During a 3D laser reading campaign, you collect your own data. This means that you can guarantee the quality of your information and generate files in formats and structures known by your teams. In addition, with the progress of registration and treatment without target, this whole procedure is greatly simplified and can often be carried out in less than a day.

Summary: The evolution of methods of points of points improve the efficiency and coordination of your teams allowing you to greatly improve the management of your projects   The cloud clouds provide project managers quality and better communication methods. These are two major factors that contribute to a quality result and the delivery of a project within limited time and budget. In the construction and engineering fields, this type of data can be used as a basis for demolition and renovation projects. Demolition teams can define their exact needs necessary for the demolition of target zones and the types of collection facilities that will have to be set up. The construction teams will be able to plan with diligence around existing structures.  

The points of points improve the efficiency and coordination between the construction teams. The possibility of taking advantage of these techniques for smaller projects has been made possible by lowering laser digitization costs and generation of points clouds. The scanners themselves become more and more affordable and can be rented flexible. What has really changed, however, is the speed and efficiency of data processing using a registration without a target. Projects that would have taken a week of billable can be carried out in less than 2 days - considerably increasing the accessibility of this technology by reducing the cost. It is now simply up to project managers to find the best ways to apply these opportunities to their specific sectors.

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