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Best practices for creating 3D points clouds actuality

Best practices for creating 3D points clouds

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Best practices for creating 3D points clouds

Specifications, designers, construction teams and engineers all use points clouds. The possibilities offered by points clouds only grow as technology progresses.

Anyone working with 3D models can benefit from the use of points of points data, and understanding of best practices allows us to go even further.

a 3D model Detailed and precise is based on several scans of the same area or the same object that must be aligned - a process called "assembly". Assembly is a process that has posed problems, as well as variable quality solutions. This article presents an overview of some of the questions asked by the creation of points clouds and suggests a recent solution to certain persistent problems.  

cloud of "status quo" points   The scanners perform online aims. The quantity of coverage required for a detailed 3D model generally requires several scans. These scans must be assembled to create a complete image of the area. The assembly of scans with each other asks the major question of the creation of points clouds.  

In some cases, GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology) such as GPS can be used for Align scans using the scanners position data. But a given number of situations makes it impossible to recording GPS, for example by raising the interior of an area, in narrow urban environments or in a forest.

In these cases, computer software is capable of analyzing the data of the point cloud to find common geometries on which to assemble the scans. Two assembly methods have been used, one using targets and the other based solely on the use of software.

targets are artificial objects reduced to points which are easily recognized by the point cloud software for assembly. At least three targets should be placed for each pair of scans. The location of the targets must be planned, then the targets must be manually placed in the environment to be raised. Different environments have a variety of obstacles to target placement, which requires a lot of time and the mobilization of qualified personnel.

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assembly without target   In order to assemble scans without targets, the geometries present in the digital environment are used. This can save time on the ground, but little add working time to the office.  

The use of assembly software without target needs a lot of time for Treat the many scans. On a 3D laser statement project, it takes much more time in the software to examine the points of points in search of similarities to identify artificial targets. The considerable amount of data involved leads to longer processing, and each pair of scans must be evaluated according to three alignments: rotational, vertical and horizontal.

standard assembly software without target involve Also that operators seize and manually check each assembly, because distortions or inaccuracies in a single scan can have an impact on the precision of the entire project. The need for manual intervention means more work therefore more time.

traditional assembly without target requires up to 60% overlapping to ensure a specific assembly, which means that assembly without targets requires more scans than assembly with targets.

anyone who creates sets of points of points is confronted with the enigma with or without targets, because Both require a lot of time and work. At and Cydis, we have no assembly problem. Due to its Slam technology, the PX-80 automatically assembles the points of points it generates. To be able to fully exploit the results of  Mobile laser scanner, you have to undertake a slam calculation phase equivalent to 4 times the survey time. Thus for a building of 4,000 m², it will take 15 minutes to raise it, ie 1 hour of slam calculation. The building point cloud will therefore be available under 1 hour and 15 minutes noted. Add a few minutes for its transfer to the web platform and your point cloud will be accessible by all authorized people.

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