Cross icône & Register 360: The best workflow for your points clouds actuality & Register 360: The best workflow for your points clouds

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3 minutes & Register 360: The best workflow for your points clouds

Cyclone Register 360 is a point assembly software for points for 3D laser digitization professionals.

This software has automated tools and specific workflows for points clouds. It allows users to import data cloud data, then process, analyze and quickly create high -quality customers. Automatic location, extraction of targets and guided workflows offer unrivaled simplicity.

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In order to complete the 360 ​​register workflow, is perfectly compatible with the 360 ​​register. Integralness of the point cloud with its 360 photos.

Our platform allows you to gain speed.

Slide, place, around is played. The deposit of your projects on is a breeze.   bring speed, magnitude and simplicity to your digital reality workflows thanks to the sharing of your RTC360 data on . The process of sharing your data is intuitive, initiated or not initiated will have no trouble consulting projects. They then work more intelligently, deliver more faithful results, visualize data in a more detailed way and collaborate more efficiently.

When you have captured your data, you need good IT tools to assemble it, and thus exploit it. Work quickly, simply and efficiently with your BLK360 data in cyclone register 360. Then, import them on in order to Store, manage, share, visualize easily. & nbsp;

with cyclone register 360 You can export:

  • An E57 structured with all the stations inside (recommended).
  • an E57 structured for each station (not recommended)
  • a unified E57 (not recommended, you will lose the structure, no bubble view possible )

For that nothing more simple    

Step 1: Download your Project on Cyclone Register 360

Step 2: Assemble your points clouds in Cyclone Register 360

Step 3: Once your point clouds are assembled, Export it from register 360 in .e57 structured with all the stations inside

Step 4: Connect to and from the Sources tab You can drag and dropped or add from your file explorer.

Step 5: Take a coffee and wait for the notification email of your project.

Step 6: You can now, manage, share, view your point clouds on

Take advantage of the powers of Cyclone Register 360 and to facilitate your Reality Capture workflow. & nbsp;

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